This page is aimed at answering all the questions that you might ask. However we are not all knowing and may have missed something. If after reading through the FAQ there is still something puzzling you then feel free to contact us.

How big are your bars?

A minimum of 110g. Because our bars are handmade and hand cut they can vary in size slightly. We cut them when they are still wet and aim for a weight of around 130g. They are then cured for a minimum of 30 days before they are put into storage. During curing and storage they dry our even further so we can’t be exact with our weights. Instead we guarantee a minimum of 110g, most bars are heavier than this, but we would rather that you got more for your money than less!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout the UK mainland using Royal Mail, you can still order from elsewhere, but we will contact you prior to posting with a price for postage to you. The email will include a paypal button to make up the difference in postage. Once this has been paid we will send your soap to you.

What happens if you are out of stock?

Occasionally we may run out of stock of certain soaps if they prove to be more popular than we anticipated. If you order a soap that is out of stock we will contact you with an estimated delivery time. If this isn’t acceptable to you (you may want the soap as a gift for someone) then we will give you a free refund. The longest you will have to wait is 30 days if we have to make a batch to fill the order.

Can I get a sample?

Yes we are giving out free samples but they are subject to availability. Please visit our sample request page to see if any samples are available.

Why are you palm oil free?

Our philosophy is that palm oil is a crop that does more damage than good. We want to reduce the impact of that damage by offering consumers an alternative to the majority of soaps that contain palm oil. Instead of a mass produced bar that damages the environment you get a bar that has been lovingly crafted with the future of the planet in mind. You can have luxury and have a conscience.

Where are you based?

We are currently based in London.